Video vs Slideshows

The conversation about video and its uses online continues.(here and here amongst other places)
It has thrown up an interesting division between those who prefer picture/sound slideshows over video and vice versa.

I’m also not a big fan of audio slide shows — why not just take a video camera?

The quote by Howard Owens makes the point succinctly though I only use it for illustration. It’s only fair to point out that Howard’s thoughts and reflection on the whole area are much broader, informed and interesting.

The idea of video over slideshows is, to me, a moot point.

Slideshows take the best of photography and add a commentary. They work best when the pictures play off the sound. The power of good editorial picture is only enhanced with movement and audio.

Video is about showing you the event, not the result. The picture in a photo-finish captures the result but no one would say that it captures the excitement of the race to the finish.

Perhaps the technology is getting in the way here. Because we can use video we feel we must. Somehow video seems higher up the food chain and its use proves our superiority in harnessing the technology.

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  1. I should make the clarifying point: I see too many slideshows done merely as an excuse to multimedia. That’s a problem, too. Most of those slideshows could be reduced to a two minute real video and tell the story better.

    There’s a real good slide show on the Ventura County Star’s multimedia page on the Mission to Sri Lanka story … look for the video (it is actually a WMV file, though it is a slide show) by Matt McLain.

  2. I agree. Making the decision about the ‘right time’ to use video or a slideshow is the key issue here.

    I suppose part of me is happy to put up with some unnecessary multimedia if means that people are getting involved and exploring the form.

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