Comment isnt free you pay in blood, sweat and tears

Updated  – A very interesting (and I have since noticed older) post by Kevin Anderson (posted, as he points out in his comment,  before his move to the Guardian) about the problems with The Guardians Comment is Free site – Comment is F**ked

It covers a lot of ground around blogs, superstar (in their capacity fo tantrums) columnists and anonimity online – in both the post and the comments

Well worth a read.

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  1. Andy, thanks for the link.

    I stand by what I wrote, but just to clarify for anyone who doesn’t want to cross-reference the post date with my CV, I was working for the BBC at the time I wrote that and hadn’t moved to the Guardian. I’ve said as much both on the blog and inside the building since I came to the Guardian, possibly in more dulcet and diplomatic tones.

    And as for the post’s title, I don’t think the Comment is Free is doomed. I didn’t think it then, and I don’t think it is now. The title was a slight turn of phrase because they were dealing with obscenity outbreaks at the time.

    The folks at the Guardian knew about the post when they hired me, and I was impressed that they would hire someone who had been critical of what they were doing.

    Looking back at the post now, I guess there is only one thing that I would emphasise slightly more and that is ‘interactivity trumps celebrity’. The point of blogging as opposed to simply writing a column or editorial is interaction. Some columnists make great bloggers, but I’d rather have a person who understands the art of interaction rather than simply focus on press-ganging marquee names to blog.

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