Archant go web video

Hold The Front Page reports that another UK newspaper group has announced that it is shifting its focus to the web.
Archant have been reviewing their operations

The company brought in consultants to look at editorial departments at Archant Norfolk, Archant Suffolk, Archant Herts & Cambs and its London weeklies in the summer, sparking fears amongst staff that jobs could be cut.

But the group has now said that although some efficiencies had been identified, this would allow resources to be redeployed towards the web.

Later in the article

Peter Swallow, MD of Archant Suffolk, said: “We have completed a review of our editorial department, led by our two daily paper editors.

“It found that we already have a very efficient operation producing top quality papers and websites, while identifying a few improved working practices.

“We will use any resources made available by implementing these to develop our printed products and also to enhance our web content, where we are putting a lot of effort into such things as digital editions of our papers and online video.”

More online video. I would be really interested in knowing why this is the flavour of the month.

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  1. Will be interesting to see exactly what type of web video they go into – and whether they’ll take user generated video. There seems to be a move at the moment to just throw news video items on the website but often these are quick fixes – and it depends whether the journalists producing them have the right skill set. Feature led video packages seem to do better on news websites as they have long-term playability compared to their news video cousins.

  2. Hi Ed

    It will be interesting. Funnily the stuff that plays well – gets the hits – on the US news sites is not the feature stuff but the ‘as it happens’ breaking news stuff. Footage of car accidents and the like.

    Maybe all that un-edited mobile phone and CCTV stuff is the future.

    I think the key to the long term playability is the way it’s linked back in to the rest of the site to keep the visibility up.

    Hope the Scotsman is fun.

  3. There seems to be a big wind blowing and everyone is caught up in it. I’ve seen my local newspaper (The Record in Stockton, California) slowly shrinking in size. The classifieds seem fewer.
    Face it – newsprint costs a lot compared with webspace. And the latter is much more accessible to readers – they can “pick it up” when they have time, they can focus on what they want to read.
    I agree with Adrian and Ed that this seems to be a movement that is not entirely well-thought out. Are they checking to see how much of their audience actually can/will access a webpaper? Can they access videos? What types are most popular?
    The web is a dream for consumers – see what you want when you have time. You’re not stuck on a schedule forced on you (TV stations) or that is so linear you have to page through the entire edition to find what you want. And best of all – it’s free!
    Not sure how whether good balances with bad. When I read a newspaper, I read the whole thing – everytime I see a headline I’m compelled to read at least the first few graps, afraid I might miss some critical information. I have no guilt about skipping stories on a website because they are staring at me, trying to grab me with their headlines and columns of ink.

  4. Strange there is such a difference between the US and the UK in terms of the sort of video that is doing well. The Lancashire Evening Post where I worked always focused heavily on the breaking news type of video and that worked well – their newsroom was setup to handle that. What I’m seeing at where I’m on placement now is that their newsroom is not as well setup to handle the breaking news element of video but is setup to produce excellent feature-led packages.

    I think audio is an area that is overlooked by a lot of newspapers when going digital – it’s always pictures, video, pictures, video – but it’s all useless without any audio. That’s why I always pay more attention to my sound levels etc when out shooting than my video elements, as when you get back to edit if you’ve got terrible sound then the package is done for.

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