Guardian video tips: Not as easy as you lot think

A very nice post by Guardian Reporter Bobbie Johnson, about the reality of multimedia reporting based on his experiences at CES. (via Martin Stabe and Complete Tosh)

All this talk of multimedia journalism that we indulge in is well and good, but it’s often spoken about in theory rather than in practice. From our high-level newsroom posts or our lofty academic tenures, we can dispatch.

Ouch. I hope most of the stuff being dispatched from the ivory towers is a little more practical. But it does highlight the reality gap we know exists out there.

For Bobbies part he offers a few really useful practical things to consider.

  • Planning is everything:
  • Video is both hard and time consuming
  • Audio and stills are easier to integrate into your work:
  • You cannot afford technical failure:
  • Make sure you know your priorities:

Despite his missgivings, the video is pretty good, and a welcome move towards the kind of content the Guardian should be experimenting with.

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  1. I can relate to that, video isn’t easy and I think there is a real gap between those who buy all the equipment and those who are using it. Those ‘higher-up’ often expect that if they buy some fancy equipment and give it to the staff then video will actually happen, but if the staff aren’t there to do it or trained properly then it won’t happen to meet their expectations.

    Planning is everything. And introducing stills and audio into video packages works really well, was trying my hand at it today and often the stills themselves were better when some audio was laid under them than just a video.

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