Journalism heroes

The journalism education debate moves on a pace. Martin Stabe and  Andrew Grant Adamson, Kevin Anderson amongst others are coming up with some good stuff. It all  boils down to the same message: Journalism students need heroes.

It’s the same message I talked about in a post a few days ago. Lets have some online savvy people in the industry that people can identify with.

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  1. I think we do need some new heroes to aspire to, especially with the advent of the new media generation. You can’t just be a ‘hack’ anymore, I mean I’ve got my journalism heroes – but I don’t want to emulate them, I want to do something different and create something different that allows me to explore the possibilities that all the new media is allowing us to explore.

    I think what Dave Lee said in his blog post was right, we’re not taught in the right way. We’re taught in a very old fashioned, old school journalism kind of way. There is not enough integration. I mean, there are seperate newspaper and online routes at my university – why? We both need to learn the same skills and we could link up their newspapers produced in a semester with our online news website that we have to produce.

    To quote The Beatles, ‘come together’

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