Use soda to attract the best

Interesting advice on attracting multi-platform savvy people from Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer of Brand New World (via MediaPost)

As always, talent right out of school comes to the industry through very different doors. Some from design; others from typography, animation or illustration. Some from film school; others from journalism school. The difference is, few if any discriminate between above- and below-the-line disciplines. They just want to do great work in a great place.

My advice? Feed them software and sodas, don’t expect them in before 10 a.m., and watch what happens while their hybrid skills, from design and animation to filmmaking and typography, come to life both on-air AND online… without ever placing one above the other.

For me the killer line in that is : “The difference is, few if any discriminate between above- and below-the-line disciplines”

Does your newsroom?

2 Replies to “Use soda to attract the best”

  1. Is there really a line anymore.
    I am pretty sure that Executive Creatives who lack the experience in digital, strategy and have any sense of technology are the ones who are the only ones comfortable using words like “above the line”.

    As media dollars continue to shift hands from traditional to digital, and digital creative are winning because they have experience in creating real engagement, brands essence through cross channel strategies.

    I am beginning a campaign that stops the discrimination against interactive creative directors. The agency of the future has creative that were born digital and have no problem executing a 15 minute tv spot. The agencies who don’t evolve will loose business to the small nimble creative & stratgic thinkers.

  2. I agree Joanna.

    There shouldn’t be a place for people who fail to recognise the importance of viewing digital as part of a stratgey but there is a culture change needed here.

    There is, and Im sure, will always be a line. In a sense it’s dynamic dependent on the industry but it will always be there. But rather than define that line on the basis of a medium it will be defined on the basis of audience. That’s soemthing that digital specialists will need to recognise as well – not everyone wants the web.

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