Google maps follow up.

UPDATE: Mark Hamilton has been playing with the links and got it working in wordpress using a plugin that allows you to use Javascript in a post. He has a map up based on his favourite coffee shops. Great stuff.

If you are looking to get more control over your data then there is a great tutorial on Google’s Code site that tells you how to use php, mysql and javascript to create a database driven XML feed that populates a google map. (I used it to create the map below). If that sounds complicated then don’t worry. The tutorial is really easy step-by-step stuff.

My google maps post from yesterday generated a bit of interest and one or two questions. In particular how to include your map in to a wordpress post. has a post/tutorial on this using Iframes as a solution to including your mashup.

You need to generate a page from the map utility including headers and footers and the use the Iframe method.

I tried it (the html page is made using my code not the google generated code) and it seems to work.

Hope that helps those looking to play.

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