Pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap.

Update: Neil Benson responds in more detail to why he thought the podcast was bobbins and I respond.

I spent a very pleasant few days in Falmouth last week at an AJE conference on convergence. Amongst the chat and enjoying the coast I sat down with blogger extraordinaire and UCE lecturer Paul Bradshaw and Andy Price,of Teesside University, for a chat. The result was Paul’s first podcast.

And the first comment?

A more mountainous pile of pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap is hard to imagine.

That from Neil Benson. I’m guessing it’s editorial director of Trinity Mirror Regional Newspapers Neil Benson. But I may be wrong.

I’m a bit worried that it is all pompous, tendentious, ill-informed claptrap. I’m sure it isn’t that bad, in the sense that it may be opinionated but not claptrap, but maybe I am way off the mark and have become that ivory tower academic I thought I never could be.

Have a listen and let me know. Challenge the pomposity.

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  1. I like that Andy about getting out of your ivory tower.Does he know how much you interaction you get with the real world of the press.

    I listened the cast and I would(although bowing to your superior knowldge agree with a lot of what was said.

    I find it worrying that so little resource is dedicated in the journalism profession to this media.I think that both your comments about the future at the end of the cast were valid.

    "The Little telly" comparison is also extremely valid and it brings me to a question.Why do print web sites beleive that they have to compete on the web with the better trained people in larger organiations when it comes to video? I can sit at my Pc now,if I want to read a piece online I will go the relevent news site and use links,multimedia to expand my understanding,if I want to watch a news bulletin,I will go to the BBC,SKY etc.

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