Free online screen capture tool

som2.gifHere is a great online app that lets you capture you screen, audio and all, and save it to a quicktime file.

It’s called Screencast-o-matic and it works across most operating systems as long as you have the right version of Java. The quality is slightly reduced to help playback but it’s a handy , cool, little app.

(thanks to Brad Linder for the heads-up)

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  1. Martin: I had actually been trying to get CamStudio to work with Windows Vista (unsuccessfully) when I found Screencast-o-matic. It’s not the best screencast application by a longshot. It exports videos as Quicktime movies, for example, which are more difficult to edit. It captures video at low framerates, and the sound quality isn’t great.

    But it’s free, and extraordinarily easy to use, so it’s become my application of choice until CamStudio is updated to work better with Vista.

  2. I use screencast-o-matic to record all my presentations for my students. I find it very user friendly and portable. I do not have to download nor install any software and I can record anywhere, any time. It allows me to export in the format of mp4, avi and flv, which runs pretty much anywhere. I first came across them from your website and started using it about a month ago. Thank you.

  3. Nice App, thanks for the sharing. I always use acethinker screen grabber to capture screenshot, free as well. Share it here as an alternative to Screencast-O-Matic.

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