Shooting tips from the BBC

The BBC’s religion and ethics show Heaven and Earth has launched a competition of sorts encouraging viewers to send video of their inspirational places to the show. The ‘novelty’ is that they hoping to do this via youtube.

You can see the appeal for films in the clip below which is worth a watch (no, honest, it is.) if only for the little segment by BBC camera person Sean, with tips on shooting. Little gems include hold the shot for at least 10 seconds – sound familiar.

Sean’s bit starts at about 1:20

Update: Apparently there is a problem viewing this video – I’m guessing if you are outside the UK. Thanks to Peter at Shootingbynumbers for the heads up on this. 

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  1. Thanks Ray. It seems that there is an issue with viewing this vid outside the UK. BBC license fee and all that stuff I assume.

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