Frontline Club video training

frontline_club_logo2.gifPicking up on my mention of the need for more training in my post about my video survey, Katie Cannon from the front line club has sent me details of some of the video related courses they run.

They offer a number of courses from filming to editing which look kind of interesting.

In the interests of fairness I’m inviting anyone else who runs video journaluism training to drop me a line and I’ll complile a list.

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  1. Hello Andy.

    I offer on-site seminars and workshop training that is tailored specifically for newspaper reporters, editors and photographers. Focusing primarily at this time on increasing video literacy in print newsrooms and integrating the workflows using low-cost tools to help them do this work every day.

    I have produced video and online reporting training projects most recently in Pennsylvania and Cairo and I will be in Europe and the UK in the coming months delivering training at conferences and in the offices of newspaper groups who have invited me.

    Enquiries, schedule, bookings and details at


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