Big portals look for niche sites to work with.

Corey Bergman at Lost Remote highlighted a Wall Street Journal piece about large portal sites looking to niche sites for talent.

“Big Internet companies such as MSN and Yahoo have small teams whose job it is to ‘discover’ these smaller sites before their competition does. They scan the Web, attend industry conferences and hobnob with start-ups to get names of talented but obscure content providers.”

I know that some regional sites are doing this with bloggers but we are missing a trick if all we end up doing is reporting a success story of a local blogger signing a deal with AOL.

Get out there and find those sites before they do.

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  1. But Andy, that would mean acknowledging that we in the newsroom are not the only experts, and sadly I don’t think many newspapers are ready to do that. It’s still far easier to profile the “accidental” success.

  2. Very true Yoni. But if you do get in there on a commercial level, to start with, you do own them.

    Start by getting them on your side and then we can work on the control issues that journalists have 🙂

  3. Amen, brothers!

    Hey, I worked for the mainstream media for decades. Now, I’m totally freelance, mostly for online media. Hell, I don’t know why. But I know that in the online media, now and then I can find somebody who doesn’t collapse into hysteria at the mere thought of considering a “NEW IDEA.”

    The online media know the importance of new ideas. Ideas are the OXYGEN of new media. Not mother’s milk. You can survive a few days without mother’s milk. But if you go four minutes without oxygen, you’re dead.

    THE ONLINE MEDIA ARE READING NEWSPAPER WEBSITES FOR NEW IDEAS! And the online media are following up on the ideas that the newspapers are ignoring. So who do you think is going to live? And who do you think is going to die?

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