Shift happens

Alf Hermida posted a video he saw at the at the Knight Digital Media Center Multimedia Workshop at UC Berkeley. It’s the latest incarnation of the Did you know? presentation which has been doing the rounds since 2006 and it’s great.

In the context of journalism education, it highlights how we need to prepare students for jobs that may not yet exist. The time to do this is now.

A slide in the presentation really bought that home to me.

Shift happens grab

Scary stuff .

It occurred to me that those numbers where also indicative of just how far behind the other mediums were.  It would be interesting to see what the figures for print would be. But one thing is clear. Whilst we may be able to reflect on how we prepare our children for this world. For those of us already in it the time for preparation may have already gone.

All we can do now is live it and engage with it.

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  1. Don’t be too scared. Remember there are a lot more people on the planet these days, and the medium that reaches the greatest number of them is that dusty old radio. It will be some time before a majority of the world’s population gets their news – any news – off of a computer screen. It gives us plenty of time (maybe a year or two, ha) to adapt.

  2. You’re right about radio. I love the stuff

    But my response would be (just ratcheting up the fear again) ‘look how long radio got to get things right’ or maybe that should be ‘get things wrong’.

    It may be while before the rest of the world gets its news there. Unfortunately in the 2 years we have to adapt there is little room for mistakes.

    Still if it all goes to pants then the radio should still work 🙂

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