Newspaper video tag cloud – via twitter

I asked the twitter community if they had a view on what ‘newspaper video’ meant to them as kind of a Twitter meme. 140 characters (minus the @malarky) to say what they thought was good or bad.

Why? Well, to get the valuable opinion of those I trust and becuase I wanted some good content for a little experiment with tag clouds.

I saw Eric Ulken’s technical skills in journalism jobs tag cloud ( another one here)  and as well as thinking , hey, cool, I thought it  what a great way to do a bit of thought/issue organisation to the vexed issue of newspaper video.

So I took the responses and fed them in to tag crowd to see what key areas came out.

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updated: 12/2/08 18:00

Kind of sums up the debate doesnt it.

I have a plan to feed more in to this using some of the cool rss tools that are kicking around to see if there is a way to read the tag runes on video!

Big thanks to those who gave me their views and if you want to add yours then drop me a tweet. I’m digidickinson