Newspaper Video: The european way.

EJC video training

There seems to be a flurry of video activity in the aftermath of the DNA2008 conference.

One of the sponsors, the European Journalism Centre, has announced a video for newspaper journalists course and picks up a lot of information and quotage from DNA delegates.

The site is worth a look, with some nice round-ups and thoughts from a range of media execs.

They have also put up my open post to newspaper execs and editors about video. It’s nice to be part of the debate

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  1. Andy, Thanks for this. I enjoyed your interview and comments about the difference between video literacy and visual literacy. I

    Ultimately how to plan, report, shoot, write and present digital stories and be always conscious to put the user in charge of the media experience is what will define those who understand the new medium’s potential.

    Funny that, depending on whom I am training and at what venue – I find that the video literacy (Sequences, nat sound, vox pops, crossing the line, etc) is still a foreign language and strange new concept. Seems everywhere small-town editors are hoping for miracles with reporters carrying RCA ‘Wonder’ cams.

    So far to go to get them to the conversation you were having here about the potential for cross-platform visual literacy. I love that talk, but find I can truly have it with very few peers on the planet these days and trust they know exactly what you and I know it to be. Got to keep breaking the silos down wherever we can.

    I mean . . . “Web video is not Television!”

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