Newspaper video: Credit where credit is due

I managed a couple of weeks in Spain recently and on the odd occasion I caught TV news (I was looking at the pictures as my Spanish goes no further than vino tinto ) I noticed something I wanted to share.

On the news packages the people involved in the production get a credit, on screen along with the journalist.

Here are a few screen grabs ( from Telecinco)

Camera and edit credit. On screen

The production staff get a credit

The journalists credit. On screen

and so does the journo

I’m told it’s very common in a lot of places. But I mention it for no other reason than I though that:

  • its a shame that UK TV doesn’t do that and…
  • how nice it is that, online, we can.

When we present video online that we can do that without having to fill the screen with text or add length with credits at the end. We can just put a bit of text alongside the video.

It was only when I had a quick breeze around the UK nationals* that I found, to my surprise,  that most online sites in the UK don’t credit the production team .

Name and gain

Given that most of the big players have admitted that they are using multi-person crews for a lot of their production it seems a shame not to give credit where credit is due. After all, one of the big issues with video and multimedia is one of hearts and minds a little credit love may go a log way.

*I’m writing a post about the research that City have done on multimedia so I was catching up with national newspaper video

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  1. Thanks Adrian

    An office mate says its very popular in a lot of Latin American places as well as the US. I think I can guess a few reasons why it doesn’t happen on UK broadcasters.

    It was more that it would be so simple, transparent and motivating to do it online. Seems a shame.

  2. Most US Web videos I’ve seen have credits.

    Even on TV sometimes the videographer is credited at the beginning or end of the pkg if the story is lengthy or showcases the photog’s skill.

  3. Portuguese TV has always credited journalists, image reporters and video editors. Don’t know about newspaper video (it’s still in the beginning) but they should all be credited, if not only to create references in the field.

    PS:you and spanish wine!! got to send you a list of good portuguese wines and you’ll never utter the word Rioja again…

  4. Alex

    Honest, I’m not a Spanish wine snob. I’ve just come back from holiday and I’m desperately clinging to the memory. I’ll happily take any recommendation for a good Portuguese wine.

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