Top Gear on WordPress

Last in my (just invented) Day’o’screengrabs. Those of you using wordpress may have seen, via the dashboard, that Top Gear (the show and magazine) are using wordpress for their web presence. Cue a lot of comments from Toyota driving reps.

From the screengrab above you can see that they haven’t quite got the excerpts sorted yet but it looks good.

Just in case you think Clarkson has goen green and is recycling old posts, don’t panic. It’s just the excerpts.

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  1. I couldn’t help noticing this blog post as I scoured the blogosphere for Top Gear references! Only the brand new blog (Sunday Afternoon Club) is powered by wordpress.

    However, well spotted…

  2. This proves that WordPress & blogging is becoming ingrained in the very fiber of our culture. No more fads here, just a proven way to have two way communications with your readers and customers.

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