A timeline of online media landmarks

I’ve been doing a bit of ‘multimedia’ with students including maps and the wonders of Dipity timelines. Whilst picking through the backlog of posts in my reader I came across a few posts with defining moments for online journalism. So, as a bit of fun, I thought I would add them to dipity as an example to use.

I’ve used Mindy McAdams’ Timeline of breaking news and Paul Bradshaw’s post asking “Are these the biggest moments in journalism-blogging history?” as the main sources. Alf Hermida also pitched in suggesting the BBC election coverage and Death of Diana as defining moments. I agree so I’ve added them as well.

I’ll add some more when I find them or , of course, if you want to suggest any.

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  1. Dan Rather, Memogate in 2004, also Trent Lott's comments about Strom Thurmond, the Macaca Moment of George Allen (2006) and the "Dean Scream" from Iowa 2004. Not necessarily "journalism" moments, but internet changing the agenda. Great idea, btw.

  2. Yeah, I had to use the list view to see all the items. I still didn't see the Dean Scream. Are those in the text, or separate points on the line?

    The whole 2008 election probably deserves a separate timeline. I'm curious, what's been the adoption of this type of stuff in the U.K. for politicians? Are they "barackifying" their election outreach?

  3. Must have missed them. Sorry.

    Certainly the youtube debates should be there related to this presidential election. Barack Obama's youtube channel? twitter/currenttv's hack the debates? Will.i.am's "Yes We Can" and the assorted spin-offs. Bloggers from Alaska filling folks in on Sarah Palin?

    Possibly the fact that all major democratic candidates spoke to Netroots Nation, progressive blogging conference, earlier this year?

    Oh! Mayhill Fowler's recording of Obama's "bitter" comments at an S.F. fundraiser!

  4. Thans Bryan,

    The interface does hide things as little +'s if the window is too small – squeezing it in to my page. Great list though. Maybe it needs another timeline of election highlights.

    It did remind me of the Huffington/Clinton thing that I think shoul dbe included in the defining moments of blogs thing.

  5. There seem to be some blanks in the early years – trying to fill some gaps:

    1994: Netscape Navigator revealed.
    October 1994: German news magazine “Spiegel” goes online (Oct. 24), Time Magazine follows (Oct 25)

    1995: salon.com launches

    1999: indimedia.org launched

    ALL US elections since 1996

    Isn’t there a date connected to bloggers in Iran?

  6. I would definitively include the launch of the first traditional radio/tv outlet on the web (most likely the BBC).

    Also, the launch of Wikipedia seems to be included several times here.

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