Making your stills camera look more like a video camera

I’m holed up in the Middlesbrough Central Travelodge and getting some kind of insight in to what living in halls must be like. To say the room is basic is,well, to give it more credit then it deserves. But hey, at least I have great stuff like this to look at.

Oooh look a mic on a stills cam
Oooh look a mic on a stills cam

From a practical stand point it would be a bit like constantly shooting as if you are behind Tina Turners head. But I bet you never thought you’d see the day that a still’s camera had a mic on it.

The picture is from a very informative article over at B&H on getting the best sound from your Canon 5D

Hat tip to the Mediastorm blog for the link

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2 Replies to “Making your stills camera look more like a video camera”

  1. Andy, are there any links to real interviews done with the rig shown in the photos?

    This camera takes excellent H-Def B-Roll footage at night, for sure, but the quality of the audio channel is what separates the amateur productions from the professional ones.

    I still think we want to see an XLR interface and a real audio circuit path (with a limiter and high-grade pre-amps) included for any camera designed for working in real-world conditions.

  2. Good point Robb. Didnt see any.

    I agree about the broll but sometimes it’s different strokes for different folks. I would love to see, but hate to think it was needed, a betabox of similar with a breakout but in the end you may as well pay for good quality handycam or a flipHD.

    I think it’s a useful thing to have if you can. It doesn’t compromise the camera or the optics. It’s an extra useful function.

    On a side note I was at the Melbourne tennis and took my Canon 350 d with me. It was checked by security for a video option even though my little sony cybershot wasn’t. The quality, whatever the source seems to be the dividing line now.

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