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Imagine the scene. I’m on the bus. I’ve found a seat that isn’t near the bloke who shouts at cars and smells vaguely of rabbits. My headphones are in (but not too loud,of course).

I take out my copy of the Birmingham Post and open it up. Scanning around the page I see an article that catches my eye. But just before I start reading…the person sat behind me pulls out a pot of wallpaper paste and slathers a great billboard poster across the top of the page.

It turns out that in scanning around I inadvertently caught the eye of an advert nestling in the corner of the page.

Sound plausable? No I didn’t think so.

So please stop doing it on your bloody websites newspaper people.

That is all.

8 Replies to “Flyposting newspaper websites”

  1. I mean, not even on my old school bus, which travelled through some very rural parts of Chorley, did I have to worry about paint pots!

  2. makes me want to sniff a rabbit and I already have had to have hours of treatment to get me off that particular habit.
    a rabbit habit.
    I also do not like pop up adverts, surveys or the like. Put your ads down the side or at the bottom please. I will look at them if they are relevant.

  3. Even worse: the ones that hide the “X/CLOSE” button in obscure typeface nowhere near the top-right of the ad.

    Way to take our minds off this problem? Go to the zoo.


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