Newspaper Video: Editing and apps. Part 2

In part one of this series of posts I listed a few of the basic things to look for in an editor and then the three big players (as I see them) in the editing software stakes – Avid, Apple and Adobe with Premier. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options out there.

So if Avid, Apple or Premiere don’t tickle your fancy then what else is there out there for you?

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Newspaper Video: Editing and apps

The newspaper video group threw up an interesting issue this week as a member asked if there was something in between the simplicity of i-movie/movie-maker and the complexity and cost of Avid and Final-Cut-Pro. The answer, in this instance, was Final Cut Express. It’s a ‘cut down version’ of FCP with all the basics you would need.

But what if all of that makes no sense? Just what are the basics that you need and what software is out there.

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