The finest middle pars ever written by man

A wonderful piece of journalism comes via Ben Hammersley . It’s a story from the Paisley Daily Express about the joy riding antics of a local teenager.

As Ben says it contains “the finest middle pars ever written by man”

Neil Mcintosh comments

Now, on first reading you might think this is a terrible journalistic lapse. The journo friend who sent me the link certainly thought so. But might it be a radical departure in style… a deliberate use of the kind of language many readers might use to describe the story? And might newspapers sell more if they dropped the standard bag of cliches, and started writing more like this?

That approach would certainly liven up first year newswriting workshops.

It’s been up since the 12th of this month so lets see if anyone is watching the stats. The countdown to it being taken down begins…

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  1. “the finest middle pars ever written by man”? My arse.
    Hunter S Thompson ring a bell? 30 years ago?
    Papers just catching up with the “new journalism” of the 60’s

  2. I can’t wait for the libel case. Admittedly he’s not been named yet (why? he’s over 18) but when it comes to court he will be.

    I just want to be there for the libel defence … who’s going to argue against fair comment?

    Fascinating article yet scary at the same time: the Alton Towers of journalism? There’s a reason why there are limits of who can go on which ride.

    Methinks the writer in question is well short of the standard. And the sub. And the editor. And the web-editor. Surely it must have been deliberate??

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