BBC Radio 4: Read all About it.

Radio 4Maybe I’ve had a long day, but I’ve just listened to the latest Read all about on Radio 4. In this episode, part of their series on the changing face of journalism, “Philippa Kennedy explores the growth in the local newspaper industry.”

She talks to regional journalists about their changing role and asks whether their increasing participation in new media has altered their relationship with the local newspaper and the communities they serve.

It should have been subbed:

Philippa Kennedy transposes newspapers and journalism at a whim.


They are not the same thing!

I’m going to start a new category to post about people/programmes who think it’s okay to say newspaper when they mean journalism and journalism when they are talking about print.

Or have I had a long day?

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  1. I was looking forward to these programmes, but they turned out to be an uncritical puff for the new ‘multi-skilled, multi-tasking’ future journo, without raising any questions about workload, or lack of extra pay. But the interview with a new, young, keen trainee journo speaking about working on ‘the product’ will have heartened any management heart.
    The industry, and our work, is changing no doubt, but I see no signs of ‘new-tech’ journalists being any better treated or paid by publishing companies who are relying for their survival on new skills and technologies being embraced by their journalists.

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