Meld: The Aftermath

The departments meld event has finished and we are pretty pleased with the way it went. There will be some discussion about what we would do differently and we hope everyone involved with continue to be part of that discussion.

Paul Egglestone

The man who made it happen – Paul Egglestone

The ‘Dragons’

The Dragons – Chris Green (Johnston Press),  Mark Payton (Haymarket Media)and Simon Bucks (Sky News)

Simon and his pure video recorder

Is this a sneak peek at sky’s new handheld digibox?  No, it’s Simon Bucks going all P&S with his Pure Flip Video 

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  1. Meld has been part of the inter/outernet all week thanks to Andy ‘walking the walk’. He’s been shootng, posting, photographing and participating all week to help capture the energy that is Meld. I’ve just been sat listening to Andy’s i/v with Simon Bucks from Sky News saying he’s heard better ideas in a single day at Meld than throughout the rest of the year – and that he’s intending to follow up on three of them.

    We’re at the start of a journey. We’ll be picking over the bones of this event and working out how to refine it and open it up to a wider bunch of players – but we’ll not be beating ourselves up too much over the bits that could’ve been better. In terms of its objectives Meld was a stunning success brining together hacks and geeks and giving them a week to combine their strengths before pitching ideas at commissionng editors. They did this with passion and enthusiasm reflected by our 3 editors and crystalised in the subsequent conversations with the teams who have been offered further development work. I’ll be keeping in touch with all our ‘Melders’ and reporting back on their successes in the coming months.

    You can see much of this on Andy’d Meld blog at

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