Everything is connected

So I was reading the Stormhoek wine blog. ( the web2.0 wine company apparently)

Then I was checking my feeds and clicked to a post over at Shooting by numbers – Democratization of media – secret knowledge. Then I saw GapingVoid in the blog roll. That looks interesting. I click it.

Amongst other things Great little cartoons on the back of business cards by Hugh MacLeod. Who, it turns out is is “Marketing Strategist for Stormhoek, a small South African vineyard”

The Gods are telling me something about the way the weekend should go.

2 Replies to “Everything is connected”

  1. yes wee Hugh is huge – I’m surprised his “global microbrand” shpiel hasn’t caught on amongst journalists.

    Did you check out his “how to be creative” pdf? great stuff

    do a video profile on Hugh, I bet he’d go for it – he’s big on building his brand right now.

  2. Those guys at Stormhoek seem to have done something right – everyone’s heard of them. Unfortunately their sales and distribution partners in other countries have not been quite so successful by all accounts!

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