The Macbook Air is rubbish

OK, that’s shameless link bait. But I’m generally disappointed with what appeared at Macworld.

Yes, the new laptop is nice. Yes, I’m sure it’s a breakthrough in engineering. But I’m also sure it will probably find that it gets most of its business as an option for those who where also considering a PC laptop as long as it would come with diamonte cover.

After the recent flurry of cool hardware like the ipod touch and Iphone- truly innovative – I was hoping that they would give me more of what I moved to Mac for in the first place – killer apps.

When I decided to go Mac it was because Final Cut Pro and all the apps around it worked together. I was cutting on an Avid (which just happened to be running on a mac) using things like After Effects for the complex stuff. But even when PC’s got more powerful, when I looked at my PC laptop, I couldn’t see anything that came close to offering the flexibiltiy that the Apple software offered. I wanted that flexibility so I had to go mac.

FCP is now such a mature app that anything they add is just icing on the cake. There is no point in reinventing the wheel.

But until there is that killer app. That FCP that demands an air or a macbook pro. If I was PC based I would be finding less reason to make the shift this year.

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  1. You’re rubbish! 😛

    I like the Macbook Air because I think it would be a great laptop for people who need a power laptop that is easy to transport. My Macbook at just 5 pounds gets a bit heavy after a long day.

    This Macworld lacked an iPhone, but most Macworlds don’t have a game-changing product like that.

    If there was a game-changing product at this year’s Macworld, it would be the iTunes rentals. Now iPhone and iPod Touch users can rent movies to watch while they are on the go. I think that’s a bigger announcement than the Macbook Air.

    Overall, I’d say this was a strong Macworld because it had several announcements (I might be most excited about Time Capsule), but it didn’t have a killer-app or hardware like you were looking for.
    But if there is a reason to switch to a Mac, it’s Leopard.

  2. I’m not knocking how good the laptop is.

    I agree that the new laptop is great. It looks good, it’s got great technology and power (it’s a bit heavty though). For me the lack of internal dvd drive is a problem but I do like the idea of being able to put a solid state hard drive in. All very neat.

    I’m just a bit dissapointed that there isnt an app that I can point to and say I have to have that and I have to have a mac so that I can run it.

    Yes Leapord is nice (but nice in that oooh that’s nice when you click on something way) and maybe I’m asking a lot for them to come up with a new FCP or Garage band. But I just feel that Apple is getting a little like a hardware version of Windows. A new version of the hardware every few months (I think I will start calling them Hardware updates) and increasingly speedy obsolessnece for those who made the commitment to buy last week.

    And the video thing in i tunes isnt available in the uk. Grrrrrr, mumble, grumble moan…moan….

  3. I just bought the MacBook because of iLife and the fact that I’ve had to get the same part on my old laptop fixed two times in the past three years, and if I get it fixed one more time (it’s broken again, in the same place) I’ll have shelled out over $900, because the part that needs to be fixed also needs to be soddered on, and no one in my area wants to do that for under $300. So, I could bring my grand total to come to a little under what I paid for to buy the MacBook with my student discount at my campus computer store, or I could buy a laptop that will probably last four or five years without any major repairs.

    I decided the MacBook Air wasn’t the right laptop for me, because there is no DVD drive and only one USB port, and I think trying to connect and disconnect USB cables all the time would get annoying.

  4. “I decided the MacBook Air wasn’t the right laptop for me, because there is no DVD drive and only one USB port”

    I think that this will be what puts most people off this in favour of the macbook. I hate to say it but the idea of the air ending up being the ‘starbucks mac user’ laptop kind of rings true.

    We can all appreciate the wonder of the thing but is it really anything other than the copncept car that made it to the road?

  5. I agree with both of you on the lack of DVD and only one usb drive. With my work, I routinely has to use at least 4 usb drive at the same time. Eventhough, I like to look and feel of the air, but it is not the right laptop for me at the moment either.

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