Get to grips with web 2.0

A great post by about enaging with web2.0 in stages

The time cost of Web 2.0 is not in product development but in product management, maintenance, and growth. It may take you only a few minutes to create a blog, but doing so means (hopefully) a commitment to frequent content posts. When you start any Web 2.0 initiative, you should think about what (and who) it’s going to require over its lifespan, not just pre-release.

Sage advice and that last point would be an especially good point for a lot of MSM organisations to remember.

I think i may have this made in to a poster or better still the learning outcomes of a new module.

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  1. I’m honored. Let me know if you want a higher-res version of the image and I am happy to share!

    Funny how something that started as a brain dump response to questions at a conference can turn into something useful for lots of folks. That’s the power of the gift economy of the internet–put something out, get a lot back.

  2. No Problem Nina

    Great ideas travel fast on the web. The great thing about education is that we often have a bit more time to try things out and your web2.0 in a week would fit the structure of courses well. Chance for a bit of playtime 🙂

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