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After me accusing it of being the shouty news, I have to say that I’m liking the SkyNews front page video enhanced story rotator (or whatever it’s called). It sits on the front page in the traditional leas story spot and rotates automatically through the top stories but instead of a picture it has a rolling bit of VT. Here it is in action from the site yesterday

Like the Telegraph’s video splash, I like the idea of adding more dynamic content to the page in with text. Proper multimedia. But unlike the Telegraph I don’t think SkyNews have quite got the article page right.

Click through and you are presented with this:

There is video in the column down the left-hand side. When you click it, the box expands out, shifting the story down the page.

It’s neat but I can’t help thinking that the static picture is the space to get this sexy stuff in. Replace it rather than shift it.

But that’s just me. Overall I have to say that I like the idea of the moving pictures.

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  1. I agree. I saw the new Sky site at Easter when it was in development, and I was worried: The fonts looked massive, the video player was clunky and it generally smacked of looking an over-excitable, over-the-top news site.

    But now… I think it’s brilliant. The videos load very quickly, and do actually add to the story. I’m not sure how quick the process of creating the mini video is, but stories don’t seem to have slowed, so I’m guessing very quick indeed.

    Sky’s website reflects the channel’s content perfectly.

  2. Thanks for the Comment Dave

    I think you’d need to be a broadcaster to make some of the site functionality work. They are obviously getting something right at the backend to clear the pipeline for this level of video.

    It’s that or I expect to see more sky onliners with less hair next time I go down – if they will let me after accusing them of being shouty 🙂

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