Google: A future Champ

The slight disruption is service has been down to a music festival – very good – and quick visit to the lakes to celebrate my mum’s 60th.

Whist up there I came across one of those ‘guide to the web’ books from 2000 and this page caught my eye

Google, a future champ
Google, a future champ

A nice Google Beta(!) screen shot and text that reads

Google is a highly promising newcomer, with a large database, an intelligent system of ranking hits by relevancy(popularity), and local cache access to pages that have disappeared since its crawl or are otherwise unavailable.Check it out, as it looks set to become a future champ

That was 8 years ago…

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4 Replies to “Google: A future Champ”

  1. I think it will go far.
    Do you think there is anything launching this year that we will look back in eight years’ time and wonder why we didn’t see its significance? Or are Google and Microsoft two conflicting superpowers in the internet cold war?

  2. Pat : I see big things for them too. As for what comes next I think that the time for the big surprises like google has come and gone. Trying to identify the next facebook in the social networking areana – where the action is at =- is tricky as it’s pretty saturated. I think it’s going to be an app on another platform ie mobile/tv that makes the leap.

    David : oh for a time machine and 1000 bucks

    Dan: As a mac user I can only dream of what chrome will be like but a quick poke around makes me think pretty good.

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