links for 2008-10-02

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  1. Thanks for the link Andy – it was a real pleasure to meet you in brum last Friday. If anyone clicks through to the link on quality video from newspapers they will discover that after the event I was told the video I praised had been made by a pr firm. It’s just the newspaper concerned chose not to share that with it’s audience. In interweb parlance – all together now: FAIL

  2. Thank you for the link.
    I invite anyone who is interested in teaching/learning about videojournalism to take a look at the table of contents and comments on both posts and let me know if I’ve covered it all.
    The trick here is to write a basic text for high school students (which I’m guessing some pros may use to learn the video side) without getting to program or technology specific. My fear is that the book will be outdated before being published if we are too specific.

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