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I’m back in work after a stint of what’s known around here as freshers flu. (all the new students bring more than just eager minds to class)

I know I have a lot of things that I need to post to make good on stuff I started before a bit of a work induced blogging hiatus. But I had to pass comment about this.

According to Hold The Front page the NCTJ (UK based newspaper training body) have created a video guide for all journalists struggling with video.

The eight-minute film has been produced by Lloyd Bracey, chief examiner for online and video journalism at the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

It’s essentially a 101 on how to shoot a neat interview and a sequence with some other stuff thrown in. Go and have a watch, it’s pretty good.

Good as it is though, I have a problem.

The overriding claim is that this is aimed at reporters making the shift to video – newspaper people and in that respect I don’t think it succeeds for a couple of reasons

  • It’s over 8 minutes long – Why isn’t it broken in to easy bite sized chunks? One for each section
  • It has no supporting material – Where is the ‘multimedia’ why not text and images and video on the same page.

From what I’ve seen, right across the board of all newspapers, people have moved well beyond this. By looking at what other newspaper journos are doing you get a better feel for what is required.

The skills and advice the video offers are sound and very well presented. It would make a great basic tutorial for starters. But it isn’t the only one out there. To stand out and really offer that advice to newspaper reporters it needs more application.

The truth is it’s a way behind where the industry is at and I would have expected the NCTJ to be reflecting a better application of the medium in their practice based on what their industry is already doing.

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  1. It is not bad, but I agree it is way behind where the NCTJ should be with regards to video.

    I can’t say I have looked at their course structure for a while but I think it would be interesting if they were to start offering a short course on web video for those journos who did NCTJ lets say a ‘few’ years ago and don’t have the access to workplace training.

  2. I have to say that the syllabus for the online element of the NCTJ is pretty solid. I was less convinced by the way it was assessed but to be fair I only got site of the thing when it was first shown to accredited courses a few years ago. Things may have moved on.

    As for the video, I agree that the CPD element of the NCTJ could be better but I know that there are plenty of projects afoot to improve CPD across the sector. Our Meld project at UCLan is one, the NCTJ have a skills questionaire out at the mo they are doing with sector leads and I know that their are a number of others driven by the move of publishing in to the same funding/training/investment area as broadcast and more practical skills.

  3. 8 minutes is too much? Oh boy. I’m getting old. This is classic stuff that new photographers and reporters turning into Vj’s need to know.

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