What is a digital native?

Yesterday I chaired a session on Digital Natives as part of the BBC’s Developing Talent conference hosted by UCLan.  We pulled in two of our second years, Joe Stashko and Daniel Bentley, who we think are digital natives(even if they don’t!) to talk to the audience about how they do what they do and my colleague Paul Egglestone gave his perspective from a community and digital immigrant perspective.

They did a great job and some interesting points came out of the too-and-fro. As ‘chair’ I made some notes that may or may not define a digital native based on the panelists views and the audience questions.

A digital native:

  • Buys in to the implied funding model. You pay to use this service with your information. Right or wrong.
  • Understands and is part of the social graph
  • Over-shares but doesn’t over promote (themselves)
  • Will over-share your content – whether you want them to or not!
  • Will give stuff away for free as long as you come and get it
  • Doesn’t read terms and conditions but then who does!
  • Won’t sign up for a BBC ID (as it doesn’t play well with Facebook)
  • Thinks about community, not readers
  • Makes connections
  • Is ‘almost’ as popular as the local newspaper
  • Like fragments rather than the whole
  • Aggregates and curates(rather than edits)
  • Knows where to get good fish and chips
  • Is young but embraces technology again when they get over 40.
  • May grow-up in to an uber geek.
  • Attracts funding for new ideas
  • Tries to connect those around them
  • Isn’t always that interested in quality – whatever that is.
  • Is less bothered about how you use their data than you are. Or, at least, doesn’t think about it.
  • They have no fear. They don’t worry about what the do being public

What do you think?